October 22, 2013

countdown to halloween: lights out

Out running errands after dark this evening, I was vigilant for glimpses of orange light.  Or any other visible sign that Halloween night is just over a week away. But other than one neighbour who is a kindred spirit and the occasional porch pumpkin, there was nothing in my neighbourhood. At all. In fact, it seems like there's less and less local enthusiasm for Halloween each year.

So I came home, lit all of my candles, and made a cup of pumpkin chai. I feel better now.


Ghoul Friday said...

Same here. There's one house on my block that shows the only glimmer of Halloween with some reflective hanging pumpkins and ghosts. That's all.

Lisa said...

I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of people decorating around my 'hood. None to the extent as me, but enough to make me smile! I've even seen a couple props that I'd like to make for myself!

Guillaume said...

This is a sad story. Here too, even though Halloween has never been really big, I cannot see any decoration yet. I miss Montreal badly.

That said, lovely lanterns.